Zaragoza : Dog Friendly!

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Being a dog owner outside Madrid or out of any other major cities in Spain can reveal itself difficult, as the reality is that many places are not dog friendly. 

If like us you take your dog everywhere with you, whether it is in your city or on a weekend away you can quickly find yourself very limited regarding which restaurants or shops that you can enter.

Over Christmas we have visited Zaragoza and met our friends living there, so they knew which are the best places in town to visit. They even checked, before us asking, which of those places were dog friendly, how amazing are they! Unfortunately, we discovered on that night that most of the restaurants were closed, and after being refused the entry to another ten of them our only choice was to grab a sandwich at the Christmas market.  Nothing bad about it but this is not what we had in mind on that freezing night, and as a dog owner this type of situation put you in a very awkward position.


We were so lucky that they were super understanding about it and we then had a fantastic watching a great jazz concert and eating delicious cakes in the beautiful Café Botànico.  As the place was very busy I did not take any pictures of the interior or Timon inside so check out here their social medias for it.

I would highly recommend this place for its interior, the variety and quality of the cakes; on top of it they also have some nice events on evenings such as that night.  One lady even came to me saying that she did not think it would be dog friendly and was pleased to discover that she can bring her dog there in the future. 

Calle Santiago 5, Zaragoza


Are you living in Zaragoza? Looking for somewhere to work but cooler than a traditional office yet more personal than a coffee shop? Then Recreo CoWorking is your place to be, become more productive and to connect with other creative or business-minded people like you. And guess what? It’s dog friendly! A coworking space bringing you the cool Berlin and London vibes with every corner thought to the single details.  It has everything that you need from personal dedicated working spaces to a meeting room available to rent, kitchen and a fun area to relax, read and network with the others there. The space also hosts events, promotes new brands and even has Nomad Skateboards range available there. 

Calle Miguel Servet 11, Local
50002. Zaragoza

Join the Recreo Coworking community with your dog and let us know if you love it just as much as Timon and I do.


I thought that I would also quickly mention Doña Hipólita although I have not tried their food, as it was a Sunday night.  Doña Hipólita, a nice café set in an antique décor as the building exists since 1822, to enjoy a coffee, a piece of cake and even cocktails with your dog.

Although Madrid is changing with more and more places in the city being dog friendly it seems that the rest of Spain is still very much behind. Luckily we found these great places in town so if you live in Zaragoza.