Where to Eat With Your Dog on Calle Velazquez

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My general feeling is that the furthest you step away from the heart of Madrid the less dog friendly places there are. Luckily we have found two very nice restaurants on Calle Velazquez that we have tried and reviewed for you and your dog.


The first time I went to Bump Green was for my birthday lunch; I chose it for the three following reasons which are the menu, atmosphere and obviously the fact that Timon could join the “party”.

 Calle de Velázquez, 11, 28001 Madrid

The Menu:

First let’s start with the breakfast options and so far I have tried the avocado on toast with raw parmesan, a safe choice perhaps but it’s served on artisanal bread which always makes the entire difference for a simple dish like this. It comes as a small portion; perfect for a snack otherwise I highly suggest that you pick something else on the side such as the oat and cardamom porridge. A very tasty porridge full of flavours but if you prefer a more filling savoury breakfast the scramble egg is a great option as you can add on one of the many sides to it such as salmon, avocado or quinoa… Don’t forget the smoothies!

The Atmosphere:

Bump Green has a very nice and cosy interior, well decorated featuring warm green and yellow tones and comfortable sofa chairs. By the window you can also find the perfect spot to enjoy a piece of cake or coffee. The team is also very friendly team and we felt very welcome on every occasion.

I think that Bump Green is a great place to visit at any time of the day and it’s also the perfect spot to then head afterwards for a walk in Retiro Park with your dog.


First, let me explain that Monsieur Sushita is not entirely dog friendly meaning that you can only seat in the entrance part of the restaurant. All the restaurants from Sushita Group are dog friendly but I would recommend calling them to accommodate you and your dog prior visiting.

Calle de Velázquez, 68, 28001 Madrid

If you are looking for a very pretty place to eat Japanese/fusion cuisine, then Monsieur Sushita is a good one to try and we decided to pick a few different dishes to have an overall idea of the rather international inspired menu.  So, we started with the crispy pizetta of red tuna sashimi, the especial California Roll and the black cod with avocado tempura. Everything was nice and good quality dishes as all their ingredients are fresh, organic and from sustainable farming. If there is one dish to pick again in the future it would be the black cod but I’d focus on trying new options such as the red king prawns tempuras. 

Have you been to Monsieur Sushita, if so please let us know what is a must try and which dishes we have missed out on?

I recommend it if you like to try and share different small dishes, the place is stunning but just as all Asian restaurants the prices are higher than any places we have recommended before. 

There is not that many dog friendly places in Salamanca, so when we find restaurants with a diverse menu, nice food and a great interior we have to share it with you. 

We have another place on Calle Velazquez that we will be sharing with you very soon, but this time more casual. A quick mention that Mama Framboise is also on the corner of Velazquez on Jorge Juan 21 and another of our all time favourite is Honest Greens a bit higher up on Velazquez 123. 


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