Where To Eat Vegan With Your Dog In Madrid

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Before starting veganuary for the third time, I have decided beforehand to try a few new places where I would be able to satisfy my cravings whether I fancy a pizza, burger or doughnut. There is often a misconception that people following a plant based-diet only drink green smoothies but just like everyone else they like to indulge to in those dishes. 

And if there is one type of restaurant in Madrid that is for sure dog friendly it’s the vegan or vegetarian ones, so here are our favourites with Timón.


Superchulo is revolutioning vegetarian food promoting healthy eating as a trendy lifestyle and offering a fun way to eat traditional food that is better for you. From healthy options to a choice of porn food dishes, as per their menu, there is everything that you can dream of from currys, burgers, pasta, Buddha bowl, soups, nachos to pizzas and cakes.

To start I would highly recommend the green bao, it’s 100% vegan and a good bao is not an easy find, this one though is delicious but also different culinary approach to the traditional meaty bao as we know it. The Chulisima burger is also the best vegetarian burger I ever tasted, I tried both with cheese and the vegan cheese option.

Their pizzas are delicious too, made of organic flour and cooked in the traditional oven. This time we tried the Truffled Pizza but they used to have one that I believe was with “no-chicken” accompanied by barbecue sauce base. So Superchulo team if you read it, please bring it back to the menu as my boyfriend still talks about it to this day.

The food is very tasty with a lot of different options from breakfast to dinner and in a beautiful setting.

I love Superchulo and this even before we had Timón, we have been there many times since we have first discovered it and quickly became a favourite. We are not the only ones to love it so book in advance whether it’s for lunch or dinner.


For all the Italian food lovers but following a plant based diet Pizzi & Dixie is your place to go or tried if you have not yet.  Everything is 100% plant based, made out of fresh ingredients with options sin gluten too. 

Despite the amazing pastas choices on the menu we decided to try the calzone and pizza trufatawith a carbon base, both were very nice with a thin base and a very tasty tomato sauce. I also could not resist trying one of the puddings and opted for the Ferrero Rocher tart that did not disappoint, so if you still a bit hungry I would definitely recommend this one. 

More than just pizza or pasta they also have some other options such as burger or ceviche and offer two different menu of the day from Monday to Friday 13.30 p.m– 16.00 p.m.  I also have to mention that the restaurant is very casual in a colourful décor with special mention for the rather original table as you can see on the picture.

On this, Ciao!! 


Just as its name implies the doughnuts are delish and with about 12 flavours it can be hard to only pick one. They sold out very quickly throughout the day and Delish Doughnut will close once it’s all gone t in the evening, so keep an eye on their instagram story if you plan to go late on that day. Timon and I arrived late afternoon, which made our choice easier and as a chocolate lover I tried Intense Cholate with Pistachios and smoked salt.

The doughnut itself was very good, soft and not oily and the chocolate flavour on top too was very well proportioned in terms of sweetness. I was not disappointed by the taste neither the texture and in fact I did prefer it than any non vegan doughnut.

The interior is also very cool, a bit of a East London atmosphere to it and perfect environment to sit down whilst enjoying a doughnut with a drink. I think I am obsessed with them now and I will definitely be back to try more of the amazing flavours.

P.S: The team was super friendly and a water bowl was available for Timon too.

Whether you follow a vegan or vegetarian diet I believe that these three places are worth a visit as they all offer tasty options that may surprise you, and as per usual it’s dog friendly. What else to ask for?

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