Timón’s Adoption: 6 Months Update

Today we are celebrating 6 months since we have adopted Timón and I can still remember counting the days to that 21st of August when we would finally take him back home. With conviction I can say that the first few months of a dog, whether adopted or not, are the most important in their adaptation to this new environment that is your house. From our personal experience, those first six months were also the ones where we could see Timón’s behaviour changing, his fears disappearing and his personality blossoming. Six months later, Timón has settled down in his home and I thought that we would share some highlights of our journey so far.

“Very Little Human Contact”

This exact sentence was in Timon’s description on his profile for adoption, written by the specialist team at the rescue DOG HORSE CITY and there was no doubt about it. Personal circumstances at the time means that we have met Timon on several occasions before adopting him and we have noticed his fear of humans as every time that we were entering the cage with a member of the rescue to take him on a walk he would run the exact opposite way as soon as we approach him. What an exercise it was to catch Timon back then as he was so worried to what would happen to him. On the adoption day they advised us to take him out to a busy terrace or restaurants straight away so he would get used to people’s presence and adapt to his new life in the city. At first he would not let strangers approach him and was very fearful of men. His behaviour led me to picture his previous owner as a man, over 50, and as the veterinary told us he was a hunter but not the one who cares for his dogs. Today Timon is loving the attention he is getting from people and I can tell you that he is the opposite to what he used to be.

EL Retiro, Madrid

Separation Anxiety

Is that a thing? Really? I heard it before that Pugs especially were a breed suffering from separation anxiety but and I have never experienced it closely. Thus I never thought that Timon could suffer from it, especially as he was alone with other dogs most of the time at the rescue. Nonetheless, signs that he was suffering from separation anxiety shown from the first time that we left him alone for a few minutes. At the beginning of September I received as a birthday present the famous Furbo camera, and this is how I discovered more than the desperate cries that I could hear from outside our home but also watch from my phone screen his erratic behaviour. We have been working on it, using different methods and now working with a specialist in the aim that he can happily stay on his own in the near future.

Furry Friends

Timon loves other dogs and the love is mutual. We knew already that he was good with other dogs and also submissive but we did not know how much he loved playing with friends. Although he can show a submissive behaviour at times, he does not show any fear towards bigger dogs which he prefers to smaller dogs, and we have to greet every single ones in the streets. This is definitely making our casual neighborhood walk way longer that it would normal take but we get to socialise with other dog owners this way.

In Cristina Oria celebrating Moon’s 1st Birthday

Timon’s Impact On Our Lives

Welcoming Timon into our lives was the best decision and seing him this happy everyday never stops to melt my heart. I have many questions about his past that I’d like to be answered as I don’t understand how could he have been not only abandoned but also mistreated. At no point as he ever shown signs of aggression towards us but the opposite as he would hide or run away if scared. There is no words to describe the  love that we receive from Timon every single day and the positive impact he had on us. We hope that we make him as happy as he does make us and that with time he can put his past and fears behind for good.

Radio Rooftop Bar, ME MADRID

His Health & Appearance

By involving that his health has improved his appearance too. We have found out that Timon needed a grain free diet, something very common in dogs so check out with your veterinary. Thus, with the right diet and exercise his fur has considerably grown and his coat is now softer. As Timon is not as fearful anymore this also means that his body language have changed, showing less and less signs of submission and often smiling: his way of sharing his joy with us.

Love, Trust and Time

These three words are keys to our success in rehabiliting Timon and helping him be the dog he is today, we still have loads to achieve. Nothing is ever lost in a dog and there is always a positive outcome when we love our dog, gain their trust, earn their respect and be patient.

  We have never shared much details about our adoption story with Timon and if you are interested I would happily write about it, so let us know!

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