The Best Dog Friendly Businesses in Wynwood Miami

Wynwood Miami D.O.G daycare

Wynwood , once known as Miami’s Garment District, is today Miami’s Art District. The rehabilitation of old warehouses, the arrival of Art Basel event in 2002 and the influence of street art played a major part in the neighbourhood’s new life. Wynwoood made its breakthrough worldwide with the creation of Wynwood Walls. A place where artists from all around the world showcase their creations and that you can access with your dog.

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  • wynwood walls miami

Today this vibrant neighbourhood is perhaps one of the most dog friendly in Miami as well as being the home of avant-gardist canine businesses.  In this article, I will talk you through three companies with a meaningful concept and a shared love for dogs.  

D.O.G Wynwood

D.O.G is a luxurious canine facility standing for Daycare, Overnight and Grooming. I have discovered D.O.G Wynwood through Instagram when it first opened about year ago and since then I have been following the dogs adventures at the daycare. When in Wynwood, the building is no different than the others, blending perfectly in the arty vibe of the neighbourhood. Daniel Pila is the artist behind it and you can be sure that there is not another doggy daycare in the world that looks the same as D.O.G Wynwood. 

Wynwood Miami D.O.G daycare

D.O.G is an award winning franchise with five locations in Miami and its surroundings. The idea behind the concept is providing a professional service in high standard facilities. This way your dog should feel just like if he was at home. Everything has been thought in details from the high-tech K9 grass, soundproof room and bug-free indoor parks. Your dog can also enjoy some special spa treatments in the grooming salon or get special attention to choose from the menu. The team is specifically trained for working around dogs and provide first aid care. 

Wynwood Miami D.O.G daycare

For more information you can go in the reception and chat with a member of the team in their nicely decorated lounge. D.O.G seems to be the place that you and your dog have always dreamed for. 


28NE 26TH ST

MIAMI FL 33137

Wynwood Dog Food Co.

Next to D.O.G you can find Wynwood Dog Food, this is how we discovered the company and decided to visit to bring Timón some special treats.  On the day of our visit we were very lucky to meet Michael O’ Rourke who is the founder of Wynwood Dog Food Co. He took time to explain to us the concept, how it all started and told us more about his furry family. 

Wynwood Dog Food Miami

For a bit of story, back in 2005 he started selling his homemade dog food in Miami’s farmers markets. A year later he opened their first Canine Kitchen®, a registered trademark, in Wynwood. The idea came after realising that many people just like him were reconsidering their habits in feeding their dog commercial food.

No nastiness or preservatives are used in the making or Wynwood Dog Food. This is a main point that the company thrives to succeed in offering quality food for dogs with full transparency on the products used, where big companies on the dog food market industry failed to do. Nowadays, buyers are questioning more and more what goes into their pets’ food and are left unsatisfied with the vague answers given.

Wynwood Dog Food Miami

At Wynwood Dog Food everything is made on site in the open kitchen area. All recipes are made from wholefood high quality ingredients in collaboration with Dr Justin Shmalberg. It is with expertise as a board certified veterinary nutritionists that they could come up with various dietary options answering to every dogs needs.  You can also find detailed insight of the ingredients used, quantities, the nutritional values, feeding chart and a dietary indication. Everything has been thought for your dog but also to help you to choose what’s best for your dog’s diet requirement and the right portion to give.

Wynwood Dog Food Miami

The food is vacuum packed and can be found in the large fridge to pick and choose from. There is also various natural treats including the chicken strips that we picked for Timon. Wynwood dog food can also be found local vets or be home delivered.

On the wall next to the fridge, you can find the pictures of the little family, all rescued, including: Ripley, Roguel and the cat. They play an important role in the company as there are in charge of tasting and approving the new recipes for their fellow dog and cat friends. 

Wynwood Dog Food Miami
Michael O’ Rourke’s furry family: Ripley, Roguel and the cat.

Wynwood Dog Food is without a doubt fulfilling its original aim by “bringing transparency to the dog food industry” . If you want your dog to eat better than you, then this is the place to feed your dog a fresh and personalised diet. 

Wynwood: 2561 N. Miami Ave. Miami, FL 33127

South Miami (coming soon): 7291 S.W. 57th Ave, South Miami, 33143 

GRO Wynwood

GRO is the new eco concept that just opened in Wynwood Miami that is all about Eat, Drink and Sustain. A great open space featuring cosy seating areas, food trucks and Patagonia Cerveza bar. 

GRO eco concept Wynwood Miami

GRO has the objective to do better for the planet by building a community who cares. They have partnered with Cerveza Patagonia for the project #plantatreexgro, meaning that for each beer that you buy they will plant a tree.

It is also worth checking out Cerveza Patagonia’s website to discover about their brewery and incredible bar facing the Lake Moreno in Argentina.

GRO is dog friendly and during our visit we met the sweetest dog called Zoe. You can also spot on their Instagram the many dogs visiting GRO, our furry friends even have a dedicated hashtag #gropupoftheweek. If you visit with your dog don’t’ forget to take a picute and tag them, the GRO team will love it. You can also check out their story called “pups” to meet the different dogs who already visited GRO. 

GRO eco concept Wynwood Miami

The main area is covered making it the perfect place to enjoy GRO with your dog but away from the sun and heat. 

I have no doubt that Timon would have loved it just as much as we did. 


2700 NW 2nd Ave
Miami, FL 33127

Those three business in Miami are I believe either revolutionising the dog industry or making a change in the society by allowing dog owners to bring their dog along to conscious minded places.

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