From opting for artisanal methods to using only organic ingredients here’s the three best dog friendly bakeries in Madrid.

In recent years many bakeries are revolutionising the bread market in Madrid with just one word in mind that is “quality”. Find out about those places that allow your dog to visit too. 


Located on Ortega y Gasset is one of the many Levadura Madre existing across Madrid. The small interior is rustic yet modern, with a high wooden table seating two people by the window, the perfect spot to enjoy some breakfast whilst watching passers by.

I opted for the famous Spanish tomato on toast with coffee breakfast combo but I also had to try the pain au chocolat. We can again all agree that a good pain au chocolat or croissant is not an easy find, the Levadura Madre has now been happily tasted and approved, a must try! The breakfast menu is served until 12.30 on weekdays and 13.30 on weekends with a choice of sweet and savoury options as well as a small lunch menu available later in the day.

The bakery only uses 100% organic ingredients, which make their masa madre so good and don’t forget to also check out their fantastic gourmet selection

Calle de José Ortega y Gasset, 92, 28006 Madrid


Panod is the first bakery I went to in Madrid; located in the centre of Chueca neighbourhood it quickly became my go to bread place on the weekends when I was visiting from London.  I would always pick the kalamata bread and inevitably one croissant and pain au chocolat for our brunches at home. 

One part of the bakery is dedicated to seating, where you can grab a coffee to accompany your toast or pastry and watch the bread being made. Everything you see in Panod has been made in Panod throughout the day, so you get what you see. They also promote that good bread is healthy, more digest and full of nutrients when elaborated with good ingredients such as organic flour and cereals and no added nastiness. All the pastries are also made in house but on the lower ground floor without palm oil, glucose or artificial flavours to only list a few.  Check out their website to read more about what they use and don’t use, the benefits of their bread to your health compare low quality options or just to know more about Panod.

All 20 different types of breads have been fermented for 24 hours or more giving the bread its rich flavour and aspect. Without a doubt you will for sure find one to your taste.


Crustó is another great bakery where you can stop for a quick snack or brunch on a weekend being served from 11a.m to 3p.m.  The menu offers a wide range of options from the traditional toast with a café or orange juice to healthy salad options for lunchtime.  Quiche, sandwich, pastries are also available anytime of the day with smoothies the options are endless at Crustó.

From the cosy seating area you can watch the bakers preparing the bread and anything else that you can find on the menu all made in house. The bread is elaborated following the French tradition with the masa madre being left to ferment for 18 hours or more according to various factors such as the flour or climate on that day. All flour are imported from France, and of equally high quality. 

For all the bread lovers out there Crustó have a variety of 50 breads as well as plenty of savoury or sweet options to try. I highly recommend their croissant just like if it was made in France.

Calle de Zurbano, 26, 28010 Madrid

Levadura Madre, Panod and Crustó may have a different approach on how they elaborate their bread, use different flour and producers all of this gives their products a unique taste.  One thing that they have in common is their ethic in using the best to make their bread and never adding modified yeast to their masa madre, so it’s definitely worth a visit to each of them.

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