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Teckel Dog Friendly restaurant Madrid

Back in 2015, Teckel was the first opening of the RanTanPlan group in Madrid. Following its success, the dog friendly group of restaurants has now expanded the family with Pointer a year later, then Chow Chow and lastly Pomerania. To this day, Teckel remains at number 55 Avenida Concha Espina and thus with a same philosophy in its cuisine.

Our first dining experience in the RanTanPlan Group was at Chow Chow, where we enjoyed every mouthful of our dinner. On this article we will share our dining experience at Teckel with Timón and despite the close proximity with Chow Chow, each restaurant offers a unique menu and universe.

Teckel Restaurant Madrid Dog Friendly

Let’s start with the décor partly inspired from London of the 1920’s era, very chic and cosy. A great addition to the restaurant is its terrace: opened all year long and covered for the winter months.

Teckel Dog Friendly Restaurant Madrid

The cuisine is defined by three main characteristics being tradition, quality products and distinct identity. 

The menu offers traditional Spanish dishes such as tortilla, croquetas and mussels. In Teckel, you can also find some more original options meaning dishes that have been revisited with exotic flavours using ingredients such as shitake mushrooms, yuzu sauce or Hawaiian black salt.  

Teckel Restaurant Madrid Dog Friendly

As starters we shared the fake risotto with mushrooms and Mahón; a Catalan cheese replacing here the commonly used Italian parmesan in its preparation. A dish that is different with a lighter texture as well as the flavour of the mushrooms perfuming the risotto. A favourite of the dinner, was the cured salmon melting in mouth. The quality of the fish as well as the special curation in Hawaiian black salt not only gave an ashy colour to it but this soft texture.

Then we followed with the cheese fondue made with potato, egg and truffle cream and ordered the beef stroganoff accompanied by rice with mushroom as one of the main. The tuna loin was fantastic served on an avocado mash and marinated in ponzu sauce. The dinner ended with the chocolate coulant, a rich pudding accompanied by a sweet ice cream.

Teckel Restaurant Madrid Dog Friendly

Amongst the few dishes that we tried the salmon and tuna are the ones who stood out of our selection for its quality and originality. We probably miss out on trying the tortilla, honey garlic soufflé with shitake mushrooms, rocks de tempura and the sea bass baked in salt.  

I believe that it’s the influence of traditional cuisine mixes with some more unconventional options that make Teckel’s popularity in the capital and with locals.

Teckel dog friendly restaurant Madrid interior

Once again the team was really caring with Timón as he was being served a bowl of water as soon as we arrived. I knew that the group is dog friendly but this proved that the team understands the importance of those details. Alejandro, who is very friendly looked after us that night, helping us with our selection and making sure that we enjoyed our time at the restaurant. 

Teckel is a great place to visit with your dog and enjoy a good dinner in a nice atmosphere.

Teckel Dog Friendly restaurant Madrid

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