Rocket: The newest dog friendly spot to visit

rocket restaurant Madrid dog friendly

Rocket on number 31 Calle de Villanueva is the newest healthy restaurant in Salamanca’s neighbourhood.  The concept is featuring a stunning interior design, a delicious menu and is the perfect spot to visit with your dog when in the area. 

Rocket by Ollywood restaurante dog friendly madrid

First of all, let me tell you that Rocket is super dog friendly and thus not only due to the fresh bowl of water available for your dog at the entrance… For a bit of story, the company is name after Olly, the cute French bulldog who plays an important role in the Rocket By Ollywood’s family.

Thus this comes without a surprise that the team behind the concept did not hesitate a second in being a dog friendly business. All Olly’s friends are welcome and also invited to represent Rocket’s dogs.

So don’t forget to tag your dog during your visit with the hashtag: #perrosderocket

Rocket by Ollywood restaurante dog friendly madrid

Rocket is set in a beautiful space accentuated by the turquoise and gold tones mixed with marble tables. The interior and name of the restaurant was also largely inspired by space being its key theme. Many subtle references to it can be found in elements of the décor the salads’ names in the menu. 

Rocket by Ollywood restaurante dog friendly madrid

During our visit, we had the menu deal including a lemonade, salad and fruit bowl for the price of the salad of your choice. On the menu you can choose from a selection of seven different salads, from the Fusion Salvaje with Mexican notes to the Estrella Espinaca similar to the classic Cesar salad but revisited Rocket style. 

The Rocket one is the most original one with a lime, coconut and Siracha sauce but on that day I enjoyed the Salmon Solar. A delicious, rich and generous salad option made of plenty of ingredients such as kale, avocado, wild rice and butternut squash. The butternut squash were the stars of the dish full of taste as well as the sauce of basil and shallots sauce tasty yet very light.  

Rocket by Ollywood restaurante dog friendly madrid

For those following a vegetarian diet, Rocket offers the Naranja Nebulosa as an option but also has a variety of almond, oat and soya milk to accompany your coffee made of 100% Colombian beans. All the ingredients are organic and selected from local producers, thus means that the menu will also change according to the new season arrivals. 

The fresh pastries and toasts are perfect breakfast options with a freshly squeezed orange juice. For those looking for savoury snacks there is also a selection of hummus, babaganoush and more available all day. 

Rocket by Ollywood restaurante dog friendly madrid

Rare are the places in Salamanca’s neighborhood allowing our furry companions. So I am delighted to recommend Rocket to visit with your dog. A cosy spot featuring great food options at any time of the day and just four minutes walk from Retiro Park.

P.S I just spotted that they recently introduced a crème brulée to the menu, which gives me another excuse to visit Rocket soon.

Rocket by Ollywood restaurante dog friendly madrid

Thank you to Alanna, Rocket’s Brand Manager, who has been of an incredible help in telling me more about the concept as well as extremely welcoming with Timón and I. 

Rocket Villanueva: Calle de Villanueva, 31, 28001 Madrid. Opening hours 9a.m to 7.p.m.

Rocket Salustiano: Calle Salustiano Olózaga 14 Madrid 28001. Opening hours 9a.m to 4.p.m.

You can also find Rocket on the application Deliveroo or Too Good To Go

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