Pum Pum Cafe in La Casa Encendida is Dog Friendly

Nowadays many of us tend to work outside of an office space whether it’s too finish a work project on weekends or simply if you work freelance. 

In Madrid there is not many places allowing computers or its use is being restricted to certain times of the day. Moreover, it’s not always easy to find a place where you can work from but also bring your dog along and enjoy some nice food. 

Timón and I have just found the right place that is work and dog friendly and let me tell you already it’s a cool spot. Without wasting any more time let me introduce to Pum Pum Café.

A place that has been on my dog friendly list for a whilst now. They currently have two coffee shops in the city but I decided to try the one in La Casa Encendida.

If you are not familiar with it, La Casa Encendida is a social and cultural centre in Madrid offering plenty of classes, events, film screenings, concerts and more. The building also features a Library, a sustainable shop and Pum Pum Café

La Casa Encendida is dog friendly a to the only restriction that dogs falling under the PPP law have to wear a muzzle. When entering the building, you will have to stop by the reception where they will give you a form regarding the rules that you have to respect as dog owner.

Once you have acknowledged and sign it you will handed a badge with a dog on it that you have to wear on you. With this badge on my shirt I could come in and out of the building freely for the little outdoor breaks that Timón needed. 

The place loves dogs as for instance in May they had a course for kids to learn about dogs, their needs and teach them to respect them. Also, they are currently looking for a home for Tango, he is part of the project “A home for everyone”.

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The building, previously a bank, is a very modern and minimalist space just like Pum Pum Café‘s corner. There is a few large tables with benches as well as high tables by the windows with plugs underneath.

The interior has this industrial side to it for its simplicity, luminosity and old windows letting in natural light. The majority of the people there on that day were working and the background playlist included The XX, Alt-J or Lykke Li.

The menu is vegetarian with vegan and gluten free options too. There is plenty of cakes, healthy salads and bowls to choose from.

On that day I had a delicious rocket salad with oven baked cherry tomatoes and a soya protein. The dish was accompanied by bread and was really filling. This gives me an excuse to come back and try one of the cake next time around.

 Timón also received a lot of attention from the team at the Pum Pum Cafe and was given a fresh bowl of water.

On a personal note the whole environment reminded me a lot of two of my previous office jobs in London for its warehouse feel, its independent coffee shop and the office dogs present on that day.

Pum Pum Café in  La Casa Encendida is a fantastic place to work from, eat delicious food and bring your dog with you. Timón even got to meet some friends so what else is to ask for?

In the next few weeks, we will be sharing our favorites work and dog friendly places in the city.

La Casa Encendida x Pum Pum Café

Ronda de Valencia, 228012 Madrid

Opening hours: Tuesday to Sunday from 10a.m – 20.30p.m

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