Pastry class by José Roldán at Levadura Madre

José Roldán curso en Levadura Madre Madrid

I recently took part in the José Roldán‘s pastry course hosted by Levadura Madre.

 Levadura Madre has been, without a doubt, my favourite dog friendly bakery in Madrid. You can read the full article here. On many occasions, I have gone to their shop on Ortega y Gasset 92 with Timón, we have also visited their branch close to Retiro park. A great dog friendly place to know about, whether it’s for breakfast, pick up one of their speciality breads or their delicious pastries. 

For these reasons, I could not have been more excited to attend this very special course taught at their workshop by José Roldán. 

  • Pastries Course Levadura Madre
  • el curso de bollería impartido por José Roldán

José Roldán, chef pâtissier, has won multiple awards, prizes and recognitions so far in his career. A name that is well known and a talent that is recognised not only in Spain but also at an international level. In 2015, he was named “best chef pâtissier in Spain” and last year the Honorary Master Teacher” in Peru.

I attended the course without any knowledge in the making of pastries, although I knew already the importance in choosing high quality ingredients. Something that Levadura Madre does and that shows in their products.

Nonetheless there is much more to take into consideration for the elaboration of pastries and this is what I learnt during the course with José Roldán. 

José Roldán curso en Levadura Madre Madrid

José Roldán and Levadura Madre covered many pastry recipes demonstrating croissants, spiral napotitanas, chocolate and almond rolls and many more…

The class started from the very first steps with the preparation of two different brioche bases, followed by some time to let them ferment, shape the product and apply the final touches. 

I watched attentively the making of the base, listened carefully to the techniques and advice shared by José Roldán.

This is when I understood the importance of precision, weight to the gram, temperature to the degree and time to the minute. As a baker, not only is it important to know your matière première, but also respect the ingredients just as much as each step of the process. It’s with precision, patience and acute knowledge that you will reach the best results. 

The final result was more than just pastries but José Roldán’s creations that he envisioned all along and shared to us with passion. We were surprised until the very last moment. The final touches are for any chefs, artisans, chefs pâtissiers, maître chocolatier just as important as the rest of the process and won’t stop until it reaches perfection. 

On the table, carefully presented here they was the flor de pera al vino tinto, sweet ham and cheese brioche or the croissant bicolour. All complementing each other in appearance, flavours and colours. They were all created from one of the two brioche bases made at the beginning of the course.

For those that may interest, Levadura Madre also hosts bread and pizzas making classes that I would highly recommend. I have no doubt they would be just as informative, interesting and taught by a friendly team.

Having acquired knowledge regarding how to make pastries, I will for sure appreciate each mouthful of a good pastry even more than I did before. A unique and enriching experience, so thank you again to Levadura Madre for making it happen. Also, thank you to José Roldán for sharing his savoir-faire and passion in the field with us that day.

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