Il Tavolo Verde With Your Dog

One of my favourite place in Madrid to stop for a cake has to be Il Tavolo Verde, as I already shared with you a few others of my favourite to eat some delicious pastries and cakes, I thought that I would dedicate this whole article to this fantastic place that Timon and I just love.

For a bit of history, we went there for the first time in September. It was for my birthday and I absolutely wanted to celebrate with a piece of cake and Timon had to be part of it.  Since this day we have visited on several occasions for tea and cake. 

So let me tell you more about Il Tavolo Verde and what makes this place one of the best dog friendly spot in Madrid.

The Interior

First of all if you walk past it you will probably be attracted by its beautiful facade and interior with apparent brick walls and columns. The vintage/ industrial décor is pretty unusual for Madrid. and it won’t come as a surprise that they describe it as a “ space dedicated for interior, art, culture and organic gastronomy”.

The Antique Market 

Not only you can enjoy some food but at the back of seating area you can discover their furniture shop with a selection of vintage items such as mirrors, sofa and more. If you are familiar with Copenhagen, this place could fit right in there for its hygge vibe and vintage décor.

One more thing, everything is for sale so if you like the chair that you were sat on, just ask for the price and you can go home with it.

Cakes & Food

All ingredients used for the elaboration of the cakes and sandwiches are organic and the entire menu is vegetarian. They carefully select their products from producers who share the same philosophy as theirs, which is sustainability and quality. On the same line the menu can vary according to the season which impact on the availability of the products at that time. 

I have a sweet tooth, especially for chocolate cake and I can tell you that I can recognise a good cake so here’s my two favourites are the carrot cake and the chocolate one. They always have a great selection of cakes on the counter all looking more delicious than the others making your choice even more difficult.


Everything has been thought to the details, as even the tableware; in which your sandwich, cakes and tea are being served in; are absolutely gorgeous. It all fits in that vintage look and the mix and match of items at the end work perfectly together.

Dog Friendly

If I talk about it then it has to be dog friendly, at no point we have been asked to seat at a certain corner and on each occasions a few other dogs were there too.

Il Tavolo Verde is also in a great location and perfectly hidden away from the busy Serrano road. We can only highly recommend this organic café with its antic market and we hope that you will like it just as much as we do. So if you are to visit, please let us what your thoughts are about it.

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