Hunting The Dog Friendly Spots.

My love for brunch is the inevitable result of 7 years living in London, and if I am not out for it you can be sure that brunch will still be cooked at home. At home or not, with a dog or not, brunch is a must to me and when we started to have the company of Sam our habits started to change.

Sam was always with us for a short amount of time, mostly on weekends, as it was the best time to look after him and we wanted to make the most of it. We met Sam through Borrow My Doggy, an application available in the UK aiming to connect dog owners and dog lovers in a same neighbourhood. A fantastic concept enabling borrowers to look after dogs in their area when their owners need it and in a trusted manner for both parts. Not being able to have our own dog at the time, borrowing Sam for almost two years was a highlight in our lives but it also meant that we needed to find places where Sam would be allowed to join us for food.

It quickly became tradition to go on a trip to Richmond park where we would let him run free without too much worry, the flat landscape would allow us to keep an eye on him whilst he goes wild tracking down the rabbit holes and flushing the birds out of the bushes as all good working Springer Spaniels do. 

One day on our way to Richmond my partner remembered about this cute café that he once saw when driving past it, I then decided to check if they were dog friendly. This is how we discovered the Alma Café in Barnes. Not only is the food exquisite and the avocado salad is the best I have ever had but Sam always received a warm welcome with treats and fresh water. 

Looking after Sam came along with discovering a few new places where we could all enjoy a delicious meal together before heading for long walks. I consider dogs to be part of the family so it’s only normal, whenever possible, I want to share most of the time with my dog Timón or Sam when we borrowed him.

Whether you are in Madrid or London it’s not always an easy task to find a nice place where you can go with your dog, although nowadays many more are understanding the importance of offering this option.  As a personal choice I would always pick a place that is entirely dog friendly over another one.

Luckily, we came across In Caffeine in our neighbourhood which quickly became our go to place. InCaffeine is your coffee shop, the real deal with speciality coffee only, run by Jeka a coffee passionate and barista who knows his blends to perfection. More than just coffee you will find there a selection of teas, fresh juices, seasonal toasts and cakes to accompany your drink. All the food is made of high quality ingredients and prepared behind the counter as you order. On top of it, there is plenty of healthy options, some with meat others even adapted for a vegan diet, all wisely thought through by Aislu, co owner and nutritionist.                         

Incaffeine is your coffee shop where you take time to appreciate a good coffee and food but as well the friendliness of Jeka! Don’t forget to bring your dog, he loves them and the beautiful picture of Timón (first picture) has been taken by him!

  • InCaffeine 2 Príncipe de Asturias, 28006 Madrid 

Now in Madrid and this time without Sam but with our recently adopted Timón, I am taking the opportunity to share all the dog friendly spots where you can enjoy good food in a pleasant place with your dog. 

We did not change our lifestyle we have just adapted it. 

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