Healthy, Tasty & Doggy Friendly.

Madrid has joined the healthy wagon with many places offering not only so-called healthy dishes but also a menu prepared with organic ingredients from local producers. 

Timon and I went on a green foodie’s hunt to discover our go to healthy spots in town. Each of them located in different neighbourhoods with unique menus and atmosphere but with the same mind-set: offering quality, well-sustained food to their customers. For the vegetarian, vegan, gluten free diets to the meat eaters out there these places will help you discover or rediscover how real, quality ingredients should taste and the meaning behind eating well.

So if you are looking to tuck into some healthy goodness and bring your dog along with you then here’s the spots where you should head without hesitation.


Long before moving permanently to Madrid, Olivia Te Cuida was already a favourite of mine. At the time I was staying in Chueca neighbourhood just a couple of minutes walk away from their restaurant on number 8 Santa Teresa. The meaning behind the name is that “Olivia” looks after you, as if you were invited in the living room to gather around the main table with the other guests there.

The menu offers a wide selection of grains, salads, and mains with the option to combine the different dishes as you wish. Do not hesitate to pick and mix to discover a selection of flavours from the traditional hearty dish to the oriental or Asian inspired others . It’s without surprise that all ingredients are organic, in season and carefully selected from local farmers for the elaboration of the menu. 

I have been many times and it has never disappointed, a meal to enjoy in an intimate décor with a strong vintage aesthetic, brought by the wooden floor, ancient mirrors and tableware.

P.S They have a few others locations but the new branch on Fortuny is not dog friendly due to the hotel restrictions. 

Olivia Te Cuida: Calle Sta. Teresa, 8, 28004 Madrid


Endless are the options at Honest Greens from making your own, to adding a personal twist to their pre-designed ones.  Don’t miss out on sharing one of their hummus of the week, falafels and famous sweet potato fries with beetroot ketchup. Honest Greens is the concept of a chic canteen  for those who care about what’s in their plate, where it comes from and the impact it has on the environment. 

Temptation will be to its highest as you walk along the counter where all the dishes are displayed and cooked in the open kitchen giving you a better idea about what’s on the menu  . 

Honest Greens as suggests his name have put its faith in serving you real and honest ingredients, a great way to support local sustainable farming, avoid unnecessary transport, reduce packaging but also engage people to a more ethical way of eating.

“Eat Good”, “Feel Good” and “Do Good” when eating Honest Greens and don’t’ forget to try their new menu at the beginning of each season.

Paseo de la Castellana 89
28046 Madrid

Calle de Hortaleza 100
28004 Madrid

Calle Velázquez 123
28006 Madrid


Does the words raw, vegan, matcha, and bowls appeal to your appetite? If so visit Roots Lamarca expect to “Eat Your Roots” this is the concept written in just three words!  

A place promoting an active lifestyle accompanied by food made to fuel your mind and body with natural, in season ingredients and no added nastiness. 

A selection of bowls consciously designed for all needs, from the macrobiotique to the famous buddha ones or pick and mix your greens to create your own. They also have a counter full of matcha energy balls, vegan brownie and a delicious chocolate & orange cake.

Located in the historic Lamarca building right in the centre of Madrid, enjoy your meal whilst seating on the high tables in the industrial yet sleek design of the building. Don’t forget to take home their kale pesto, which is absolutely amazing.

ROOTS Lamarca: Calle de Fernando VI, 10, 28004 Madrid


Planet Organic is a food and market place concept in the neighbourhood of Salamanca. Several times I have visited the market place to stock up on my favourite products as you can find a selection of fresh fruits, dry food and cosmetics all at a reasonable price and brands that can’t be found anywhere else in Madrid.

Planet Organic: Calle de Castelló, 63, 28001 Madrid

From breakfast to dinner there is an option for everyone’s preferences with meat, fish, vegan and raw dishes.  All the food and drinks are 100% organic and you have the choice from the menu of the day or a piece of cake.

The main restaurant is located downstairs which is not dog friendly, nonetheless you can eat upstairs. 

Eat your way through Madrid’s healthiest and tastiest spots accompanied by your furry family member. Do not hesitate to share with Timon and I what your thoughts are as well as your favourite places that we should discover next. 

P.S: Breakfast and brunch options are available in all places mentioned.

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