Dog Friendly x Retiro Edition

Timón loves Retiro just as much as we do, especially on weekends when we can take as long as we want walking around the park and obviously let him go play with his friends in the special dog area there. 

Thus, we often like to take the opportunity to eat something close by whether it’s brunch if we are early enough or sit for a piece of cake in the afternoon. We have a few favourite dog friendly places around the park, some that we have shared with you before but in other areas of the city; and new ones that we have recently discovered. 

In this article we are covering various options from breakfast to dinner as well as any dietary requirements from vegetarian, to gluten free and options for the meat lovers! 

Coffee & Cookie Break x Waycup Cofee

Waycup Coffee opened about five months ago but it’s only recently on a late Sunday afternoon that we discovered it on our way to the park.   First of all, the young team was very welcoming and knowledgeable, they also told us that downstairs have a seating area for those who want to work whilst enjoying a coffee. The interior is inspired industrial warehouse and very minimalist putting the focus on what is in that cup of coffee.

Calle de Juan Bravo, 27, 28006 Madrid

The young team behind this speciality coffee concept is aiming at offering you the exact opposite of what defines the industrial cup of coffee. You might be wondering how do they achieve this? Well, simply by controlling the whole chain process from selecting the grain to hiring a trained barista, thus nothing in the process does interfere with the ending result.

On our visit we had a latte, a matcha latte and a delicious vegan peanut butter cookie to accompany it all. I highly recommend WayCup coffee as I love dog friendly places like those where a young team put all their faith and ethic in offering quality to their customers. 

Pastry Time x Levadura Madre 

We love Levadura Madre, we have one in our neighbourhood in Lista and with a fantastic team working there. You may indeed recognise the name as we already talked about it in a previous article about the best dog friendly bakeries in the city. So, why not sharing it twice especially when they offer such delicious products, it’s a dog friendly just as we like them and perhaps you did not know about their shop in Ibiza neighbourhood. A fantastic concept where all the products are made from 100% organic flour.

Although the branch on Calle del Alcalde Sáinz de Baranda, 16 does not have any seating space this is the perfect spot to come in and grab a pastry or a quiche just as we did before heading to the park.

Brunch x El Perro Y La Galleta

With such a name and décor this place has to be dog friendly and with such a handy location next to the park this has to be the perfect brunch sport for any dog owners. The interior sets the tone that you are entering a dog lover spot with many dog paintings on the wall, and decoration mixing with taste.

 Calle de Claudio Coello, 1, 28009 Madrid

There is more to El Perro y La Galleta ,than just is interior that would convert anyone to love dogs, and that something else is its brunch. I have not tried the rest of the menu so I cannot personally recommend any other dishes but I have heard many good feedback about their food in general. Regarding the brunch menu, I think that it was rather delicious and well priced. Not only the brunch was good but the team was very friendly with Timón who even got his special biscuit (galleta) at the end of our visit.

The place is very popular, especially on weekend so I would recommend that you try to go early for brunch, otherwise you can always visit for later in the day for lunch or dinner with a booking.One last thing to Good to know that El Perro Y La Galleta is part of La Galleta Group cluding Bar Galleta, Raro Rare and El Canadiense all dog friendly. 

El Perro Y La Galleta is part of the group La Galleta including Bar Galleta, Maria Y La Galleta, Casa Galleta y El Canadiense, all dog friendly. 

Raw Vegan x Level Bistro 

Level Bistro is the latest place that we have recently tried, and I highly recommend that you book a few days in advance especially if are looking to go on a weekend. I wanted to visit it for a while after reading some amazing reviews and also because I mainly eat vegetarian food. I was also very interested in trying it as it was not only vegan but most dishes are raw. 

Av. de Menéndez Pelayo, 61, 28009 Madrid

As soon as we entered Timón was greeted with a bowl of water, I have contacted them before and they advised me to let them know about Timón when we book so they could accommodate us. We were nicely seated by the entrance and there was plenty of space for Timón to nap as you can see in the picture. 

We decided to share the falafel as a starter, then each opt for a burger and the lasagne as a main. The lasagne was definitely the most refreshing and flavourful dish out of those three and I believe a great choice for the summer season. The cuisine is vegan and mostly raw which means that it all rely on the quality of the ingredients, the alliance of the ingredients and flavours as this way of cooking is used in order to preserve the ingredients’ original taste and nutrients. All the dishes are nicely presented, taking raw vegan food to a bistro level as they intend to with the name. If you are vegetarian or vegan and, I think it’s a nice casual place to visit.  

Cake x Celicioso          

Many times before I have spoken about Celicioso but I would always and only visit their branch in the Only You hotel. This one is a favourite of mine for its décor, location and this even before Timón joined our life.  

Celicioso recently opened a new local but this time next by Retiro and since spotting them even before they opened I knew that I would be visiting this one on numerous occasions. 

I have been a long time lover of their vegan chocolate tart but not only do they have vegan options Celicioso is known as a gluten free bakery. Everything on the menu from savoury to sweet options is 100% gluten free.  Celicioso is probably your best option around Retiro for a meal or cake that is 100% gluten free and 100% dog friendly.  On our visit I have decided to try the vegan chocolate cupcake but as I was surprised by its dryer texture than the vegan chocolate tart I asked one of the team who kindly explained to me the difference between both and how it affected the texture.  If you fancy a cake in a nice service and atmosphere on a day out in Retiro, then Celicioso is right at the corner of it ready to welcome you. 

I am not sure that there is a more dog friendly day than spending it in the park and in restaurants with your dog.

And if any of those did not call your appetite you can always check out our favourites dog friendly places on Calle velazquez such as Bump Green or Mama Framboise only a few minutes walk away. 

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