Chow Chow: The dog friendly Latin-Asian Fusion restaurant

chow chow madrid asian fusion

Chow Chow is our most recent dog friendly discovery and after a long time spent eyeing their menu we finally went for dinner with Timón. 

Chow Chow, a Latin-Asian Fusion restaurant is also the third project from the RanTanPlan group including Pointer, Pomerania and Teckel

Each restaurant is named after a dog breed so it would not surprise you to discover that all of them are dog friendly. 

Chow Chow: The Asian Latin Fusion Restaurant From The Dog Friendly RanTanPlan Group.

First of all, let me tell you that there is no other restaurant like Chow Chow in Madrid’s food scene. This is for the simple reasons that none of those restaurants offering this type of cuisine are practicing a dog-friendly policy. Moreover, many of them put their focus on delivering a trendy atmosphere rather than the cuisine itself. 

As soon as we arrived we received a warm welcome and Andrea, who is a dog owner herself, immediately brought Timón a bowl of water. Every single person from the team was absolutely fantastic; the service was quick, attentive, and informative from the drinks to food. 

This made the experience at Chow Chow even better and I have no doubt that this is how they treat all their customers and their dogs. 

Chow Chow Fusion Restaurant Madrid

In terms of food, everything from the menu was really appealing and our choice was mainly influenced by the recommendations given by Andrea. 

We started with a complementary amuse bouche; a delicious courgette tempura with a honey sauce. We followed with the Rocks in Tempura which comes in a chilli and garlic sauce. Then the salmon Nigiri with grated lime and brown sugar, trio of mini tacos, ceviche Limeño and the hot shrimp killer.

To finish on a sweet note and after a long break we opted to share the banoffee pie. 

chow chow madrid latin asian fusion grupo rantanplan

Those are some of their customer’s favourites dishes and my top three are the tempura rocks, ceviche Limeño and the hot shrimps killer for the taste and originality.

In many dishes you can recognise the Latin spicy flavours mixed with Japanese tradition but Chow Chow’s take on this cuisine is a success.  Asian fusion cuisine is very popular but many fail on offering an authentic taste.

The prices are in line with any other restaurants of this category, you can also opt for the tasting menu including 12 plates for 60 euros per person

Chow Chow Fusion Restaurant Madrid

A great interior mixing modernity with some more traditional Asian decorations, all inspired by Kyoto. 

I enjoyed every mouthful of my experience at Chow Chow and we will be back for a nice dinner again soon with Timón.

A special thank you to Andrea, who kindly let me come back to take pictures of Timón in the restaurant as we visited on a busy evening

Chow Chow Fusion Restaurant Madrid

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