Avohaus: Avocado-Themed Restaurant & Dog Friendly

avohaus madrid

Calle Del Barquillo has welcomed a new restaurant and this new food spot is dog friendly, just as we like it. So, let me introduce you to Avohaus who recently opened its doors on number 37 and is by the same occasion the newest addition to the neighbourhood.

Rare are those not addicted to the very much-loved avocado nowadays and the craze for that superfood ingredient has taken over the city. Thus, it was not long until a young team of entrepreneurs spotted a gap in Madrid’s food scene. That’s how they came up with the concept of a restaurant that would be all about avocados. 

From the name itself, to the menu and interior design this place is for the avoholic like them. Avohaus has for mission to revisit the avocado and make you discover through its menu the endless possibilities that can be created around their star ingredient. 

As you read through the menu you can notice the international influence in the variety of the dishes offered. The Venezuelan touch with the yucca fries, the famous American salmon and cream cheese bagel and the Mexican flavours with the cochinita pibil tacos. Despite the many references to international dishes, you can still enjoy some traditional Spanish ingredients such as tomato toast, Iberian ham and tortilla. The menu offers breakfast, lunch and dinner and is working on adding puddings to it, something that I look forward to discover on our next visit. 

Everything has been thought to the details in the presentation of the dish I chose, from the dishware to the edible flowers as decoration. The classic avocado bagel has been revisited in its visual form as well as texture in mouth with its olive oil caviar.

avohaus food restaurant madrid

During our visit, the team took the time to share more information about their business and Timón was delighted by the attention received from them. I would recommend that you try booking in advance mentioning the presence of your dog. This way they can accommodate you both in a quiet corner. 

Avohaus is our latest addition to our dog friendly guide of Madrid. We are happy to recommend this place if you love avocado, are a brunch enthusiast or just like us take your dog everywhere with you. 

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