Are Dogs The New Kids For Busy Millennials?

Incessantly discussed by medias, at the centre stage of conversations the word millennial is on everyone’s lips. Get used to it as this topic is not going to fade away anytime soon or perhaps until Generation Z takes over.

Millennials, also known as Generation Y represents those born between 1980 to 2000. This demographic group defining today’s current society is going against the conventional and surely not fitting in any of the old statistics.

Here’s an insight exploring why Millennials are prioritising Pawrenthood over Parenthood. Whether it has to do with a lifestyle choice, or the outcome of an ever evolving mentality and even the business opportunities it creates.

So, are dogs the new kids for busy millennials?


Timón’s arrival in our household did not impact on our lifestyle but did we adapt it? Absolutely yes, from the logistics of travelling requiring a lot more organisation than it did before, or finding dog friendly places for our outings to the daily duties that come along with having a dog.

After considering the pro’s and con’s of being a dog owner, we were ready to welcome those changes in our lives knowingly that only some aspects of it would be affected. Many of us are aware that with a child you cannot just adapt bits here and there and have to embrace a whole new life.

Macera Taller Bar Calle de San Mateo, 21, 28004 Madrid

I agree that a dog will never replace a kid and it’s not the underlying aim behind this choice, but the generation of millennials that I am part of is right now prioritising our furry friends. This has been proved in many studies where society is experiencing a change in the demographic especially in cities in recent years.

In Madrid’s as per ABC article, the number of dogs is double the number of kids aged 0 to 4 years. As an other example in the USA where Millennials are “77% more likely than any other generation to get a dog or cat while unmarried and not a parent”. I would also invite you to read this article “Why Millennials Are So Obsessed With Dogs” from Vice.

City Life & Career

The millennials represent the largest workforce in major cities, often working in fast-paced environments and start-up compagnies. A set up hinting at you why parenthood is not an option in some young people’s hectic lifestyle or professional journey.

Not many of us are willing to make sacrifices nowadays, especially when it comes to career. Millennials in the city also do not feel the urge to be parents for the simple reasons that they do not have enough ressources, the right living environment, prioritise travelling aspirations or simply are just not ready for it.

Put together a city life to a busy work schedule, here’s a combination that is definitely not the ideal scenario to embrace parenthood. Unsurprisingly, despite of the lifetime commitment and financial aspect that come with owning a dog, still many of us prefer being a pawrent.

Wynwood Miami D.O.G daycare

Business Opportunities : The Recent Boom Of Doggy Day Care

You know the concept of child day care, well doggy day care is the same and as the name suggests it, this one is for dogs only. A concept like D.O.G Miami that I recently discussed, or Wag Wag in Madrid. You will most likely find those businesses in large cities where a high demand exists for so called new generation facilities.

Wag Wag  Calle del Príncipe de Vergara, 208, 28002 Madrid

Here in Madrid we have Wag Wag, where Timón has been on a few occasions. He is well looked after by a team of professional and comes home absolutely shattered from his day playing with friends. Not only it is great to keep him busy but also gets him to exercise and socialise.

Let’s not forget it a dog is for life and can be very expensive to look after. Now we are left to discover if the generation Z will follow on the path lead by the millennials on this current choice of turning to pets over kids.

So, are you a millennial with a dog and child free, let us know below what your thoughts are about it?

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