Sunday brunch in Café Comercial with your dog

Café Commercial Brunch Dog Friendly

Café Comercial is the oldest and most famous café in Madrid, which first opened back in 1887. After some refurbishment, it reopened last year modernised but not leaving behind the tradition that forged its name in the capital. 

For those who don’t know, Café Comercial is part of the Group El Escondite along with Lady Madonna, Barbara Ann, El Escondite de Villanueva and El Olivar de Castillejo. All of them operate a dog friendly policy except El Olivar De Castillejo opening on the 14th of June.  So far, Timón and I have visited Lady Madonna for brunch and El Escondite de Villanueva in Salamanca for lunch.

Café Commercial Brunch Dog Friendly

First of all, is the place dog friendly? To that, my answer is yes and no but dog friendly enough for me to recommend it. 

Dogs are allowed in the bar area, a small area of the restaurant dedicated to brunch on Sunday as well as on the terrace. As part of the indoor area is dog friendly, especially the gorgeous bar I believe that as a dog owner it’s a place worth knowing about keeping in mind the restriction. 

Café Commercial Madrid Dog Friendly

Being outside Bilbao metro station I have walked past Café Comercial on many occasions. The restaurant itself has the most Parisian feel from its interior to its terrace facing the iconic kiosk Glorieta Bilbao.

The reason behind our visit to Café Comercial is for its popular brunch on Sunday. If you have been following the blog since its beginnings you would know that I have been a brunch lover from my London days but at the time accompanied by Sam. 

I made the reservation a few days in advance and luckily did not eat anything all morning prior to our visit, as the portions are big. The brunch includes, croissants and bread with butter and jam, pain au chocolat, a hot drink, orange juice, yoghurt with granola and two plates to choose from. 

I have not tried the croissant, but the bread and pain au chocolat were nice. I then had the eggs benedict with smoked salmon and grilled avocado served on white muffin bread. The eggs surprised me; I have not seen such a deep orange yolk since I left England. The dish was rich and generous, although there was too much sauce stealing the show from the rest of the ingredients.

We finished it with the pancakes accompanied by fresh strawberries, maple syrup and nutella. The brunch has many other dishes such as a burger, burrata salad as well as vegetarians options. 

  • Café Commercial Madrid Dog Friendly
  • Café Commercial Madrid Brunch
  • Café Commercial Madrid Brunch

Café Comercial has a variety of menu and options depending on the time of day with its bar open from 9am to 2am covering breakfast to late dinner. A place which seems a great idea to visit at any time of the day to snack on some Spanish dishes from the menu and where you can enter with your dog. 

The brunch was nice overall, especially if you are very hungry and a great value for the many options that you get. I would go back to Café Commercial but next time I’d love to sit at the bar for its unique atmosphere and traditional tapas.

If you’d like to visit for brunch I’d recommend that you book in advance to request to be sat indoor with your dog at the time of the booking if you don’t want to eat on the terrace. 

Café Comercial: Glorieta de Bilbao, 7. Madrid

Sunday Brunch Price per Person: 28 euros.

  • Café Commercial Madrid Dog Friendly
  • Café Commercial Brunch Dog Friendly
  • Café Commercial Madrid

The interior is very pretty with different areas, nonetheless I did not take many pictures of the interior as it was busy and to respect others’ privacy. 

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